Official Name

Republic of Rosmána (Rašpblikk Røsmaan)




Rosmánan Bura

Independence Day

November 11th

Capital City


Other Cities

Osahagen, Kaasis, Plancein, Brosak


Rosmána is a country in Burachos. Despite being urbanised, it has a lot of forests and mountains, especially up north.


Rosmánas weather is extremely unpredictable, and varies from North to South. The Northen part of the country is more cold and is prone to rain and storms, while in the South it has a much more warmer climate, and gets a lot of Hurricanes.


Rosmána is considered a somewhat mysterious country, with most inhabitants having a strong belief in magic and the supernatural. Some people even claim to see fairies and other mystical creatures in the many forests that make up the country.

Most of the people are quite withdrawn and don't talk to strangers, unless it's necessary. Many people hvae arguments over things such as religion.

Relationships with other countriesEdit


Arachia and Rosmána have one of the most famous rivalries in Bovehdios History. Many of the wars have been caused by their bickering and many of the inhabitants from both countries go to the borderline just to shout racial insults to eachother. They have pretty much always hated eachother


Hedstania and Rosmána had a very close alliance during the Rosmánan Empire, although when Arachia rebelled agaisnt the empire a huge war broke out with caused the dissolving of Hedstania. On the anniversary of the event many Rosmánans have the day off school/work to mourn.