Meiland Flag

Official Name

Meilish Republic


English, Faroese in Malimouth



Independence Day

April 8th

Capital City


Other Cities

Westin, Polcourt, Malinstan, Stanhill




Northern Burachos

Meiland (Meilish Republic) is a Northern Burachos island loacted on the East coast of Abrinia and the West coast of Reinstein. It is the second smallest habited island, as well the most northen. It has a population of about 540,000. The capital city is Tourvan, which is also the biggest city.

Meiland is vocanically active, and has 3 active volcanoes, all situated in the Northen part of the island. It's most active volcano is Masinoci, which in the past 200 years has had 5 eruptions. Meiland is the 2nd most vocanically active habited island on Bovehdios, after Ichasi.

Brief HistoryEdit

Meiland was first inhabited in the 11th Century when Tarkslandic-Abrinian explorers landed on the island, in the middle of the Canstone-Burachos War. Many people moved to Meiland in order to escape war-ridden Tarkland-Abrinia. It wasn't until 1275 that Marzeian Soilders discovered the island, and took control over it. Meiland became under Marzei's power until 1436, when it became a Tarkslandic Island.

Meiland finally became independent in 1864, after the Second World War, and has been independent since. It was the only country to have never taken part in any war until 1953 during the 10 Month War between it and Ichasi over fishing terriotories.

In 2008, the capital of Meiland, Tourvan, hosted the 2008 Olympics, which gained the small island more popularity, and since the amount of tourists has increased by 140%. It is now a huge tourist attraction.


Meiland has a very cold Climate. It is extremley cold during Winter but more mild during the summer. It's prone storms and snow blizzards.